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Made in the USA
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Made in the USA
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What Size are your handlebars?

Handlebars come in two basic diameters - 7/8" or 1"

You can determine the diameter of your handlebars by wrapping a thin strip of paper around them and marking where the paper overlaps itself. A Post-it note works perfectly.

Tip: Most bikes, other than cruisers, have 7/8" handlebars. Harley, Victory, and most Japanese/British Cruisers use 1" bars. There are some big bikes with larger than 1" bars but we do not make grips to fit them. We have read of diameters as large as 1-1/4".


Do you need a grip with open or closed ends?

Tip: All our grips are available with either open or closed (unmodified)ends. The kits with a 6-digit p/n do have a 5/16" standard hole in the center, used for alignment in the injection molding of the grips. Many bikes use an open-ended grip because they have handlebar end-weights. End-weights are heavy metal cylinders (used to dampen vibration) which are inserted into the outer ends of the handlebars. Harley, Victory, and some other motorcycles don't have end-weights and would use unmodified ends.


How long are your present grips?

Be sure to measure the entire length as shown but don't include an end weight, if present, in your measurements.

Before selecting a grip, keep in mind, you don't need to precisely match your current grip's length.

A shorter grip will always function perfectly. However, for cosmetic reasons, we'd suggest a grip that is not more than 1/4" shorter than your current length.

A longer grip can also be used. Hot Grips® can extend past the handlebar ends without the need for any additional support, thanks to their rigid inner heating core. If you have grips with closed ends, you can select any length that suits you. If you want to install a longer grip with open ends, then your end-weights must be spaced outward so that they don't bind against the end of the throttle grip (which would prevent it from turning).

We offer 2 different end weight spacers kits - click here to see them.

Pick Your Grip:

Grip Model Handlebar
401 7/8" 5 3/16" Yes Yes More Info
475-875 7/8" 4 3/4" Yes Yes More Info
525-875 7/8" 5 1/4" Yes Yes More Info
575-875 7/8" 5 3/4" Yes Yes More Info
Ergo1-520-750 7/8" 5 3/16" Yes Yes More Info
Ergo2-520-760 7/8" 5 3/16" Yes Yes More Info
475-100 1" 4 3/4" Yes Yes More Info
525-100 1" 5 1/4" Yes Yes More Info

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