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Jim Hollander

Model Yamaha 8DN - kit
Model Yamaha 8DN - kit

Model 661-844 can be installed on Yamaha snowmobiles or ATVs that require a grip length of 5.5". Interior length is 5.25"   Other considerations: AND has an 18 volt power source feeding 9 volts to each grip.  Grips are wired in "series".  Check with your Yamaha snowmobile dealer.  WARNING:  From 1985 thru 2008 Yamaha used at least 11 different heated grip part numbers.  The key is to have the overall length, the interior length, and the voltage in order to determine if one of our 3 Yamaha models will work for you.  These grips are 3.0 ohms resistance value.

  Hi temp epoxy rated at 250 F required (not included)

If any of our Yamaha heated grips are used on a non-Yamaha snowmobile (Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Polaris) then they will not get as hot because the available voltage from the other brands is lower.  All Yamaha heated grips are approximately 3.0 ohms resistance whereas all other snowmobile grips (except model 123)are approximately 2.4 ohms.  The Ohm's Law formula is:  Volts squared divided by ohms equals watts. 

Available with OPEN ENDS on request, at no extra charge.

NOT for aluminum handlebars, as the aluminum acts like a heat sink, drawing away much of the heat.  Filling aluminum handlebars with ANY form of insulation is virtually ineffective.


If you want to see what the stock toggle switch looks like click on this link:  http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=204&rn=163&action=show_detail

To find more information about each available accessory for this product visit our the Accessory Summary page.

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